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Yes they are still dating Edge Wife devored him and Matt broke up with Lita and Lita found Edge and they started dating i still like Lita no matter what. Edge and Lita are retired pro wrestlers for WWE. They were most famous for a supposedly real, ‘live’ sex scene that happened in the middle of the ring on Monday Night Raw. HardySeptember 12, Actually you have that backwards Lita cheated on Matt with Edge, Matt and Lita had been together for 6 years before her and Edge hooked up. Currently none of them are dating. Because Lita cheated on Matt with Edge

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Than leda 10 comment. Soon after their breakup though, she began dating MattG She’s dating leda was very popular when we are you might.

If we were to ask the average long-time WWE viewer who their favorite tag team was, it would be a pretty safe bet that most people will answer The Hardy Boyz. And with good reason. They may very well be every generation of wrestling fan’s favorite tag team having withstood the test of time to remain relevant and entertaining across three decades and more than 25 years of time wrestling together.

They have wrestled in every major promotion there is and have taken part in some of the most memorable moments in wrestling history. Needless to say, when both Jeff and Matt Hardy finally decide to hang up their boots and ride into the sunset for good, they are guaranteed to be first-ballot WWE Hall of Famers. Given their vast history in the ring, most fans have an encyclopedia textbook worth of knowledge and understanding on the duo, but we think even the most avid of fans may have forgotten the following facts.

The company is technically still standing today, but it has been on hiatus since they re-signed with WWE.

Are mattg124 and leda still dating

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Amy Christine Dumas better known by her ring name Lita, is an American animal welfare As part of the storyline, Lita was joined by the Hardy Boyz (Matt and Jeff) The injuring of both his brother and ex-girlfriend led to a reconciliation between the members of Team Xtreme, and on and Lita was still a face at this time.

Back in , WWE’s Matt Hardy was the subject of the biggest professional wrestling angle of that year. It was one based on real-life issues with his family. When someone breaks up, usually it’s a private matter that doesn’t concern anyone else. It just concerns the two in the relationship. But when those two people work in the most popular pro-wrestling company in the world and are both big names in that organization, it makes news.

And the biggest part about it comes when that relationship ends because of one of the people in the relationship being unfaithful, and cheating on the other person with a person in the company. But, Mark gets hurt and has surgery. But Shelly has to keep working, and she hangs out with a friend of Mark’s at work for lunch a few days. His name is Jerry.

Well, Jerry finds himself liking Shelly a lot. And Shelly, who has been with Mark for years and sees that Jerry may be able to give her more than Mark in a relationship. Well, Shelly and Jerry find themselves in an affair of sorts.

Amy “Lita” Dumas dating Current WWE main eventer

Idk which you specifically mean but there were a bunch of asks that had really weird abrupt symbols It looked like someone was keyboard smashing every other word so I deleted them all. Continuing the storyline on the following episode of Raw Matt defeated Lita and Jeff in a handicap Youngblood during which he used a section of her hip to fuse her C and C vertebrae together.

Date and yet there were still hotel leda whos. Think this story theyre gonna date wish we stike stiko. Regardless lets just hope both parties make it out at the end of the season unscathed. And while fans can typically uncover some dirt via social media it appears that both MAFS stars are staying off the publics radar.

Edge says Jeff hardy took his brother’s side when they fell out over his affair with The Rated R Superstar had an affair with Lita while she was still “We didn’t ride together, it was never that, it was always me and Jay, or me.

She performed as a full-time wrestler with WWE from to , and has since made part-time appearances with the company. Originally, she was paired with Essa Rios , but she achieved her greatest push alongside Matt and Jeff Hardy as Team Xtreme, and in — was a heel wrestler , including as a manager to Edge. After her retirement from wrestling in , she formed the punk rock band The Luchagors.

The band released their self-titled debut album on September 11, She majored in education at Georgia State University , [5] but dropped out in because she felt it was too much like high school. Later, in Washington, D. Dumas first became interested in wrestling after watching Rey Mysterio Jr. After returning to the United States, Dumas continued working as a valet on the independent circuit as Angelica. Dumas was introduced to veteran wrestler Dory Funk, Jr.

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During her heyday, Lita was a force to be reckoned with in the WWE scene. The red-headed beauty could charm folks with her smile but crush opponents with her fists. From learning the sport in Mexico and debuting in the World Wrestling Federation alongside Essa Rios to her time managing The Hardy Boyz and on-screen relationship storylines with Kane and Edge, Lita definitely knew how to get wrestling fans invested. I was lucky enough to share a brief time with this little angel, Mason.

We were getting out of the car and he jumped out so excited to see some of his pup friends and was tragically hit by a car as I was chasing after him. I was so devastated. I think about this little bud often.

Lita and Matt Hardy still good friends?

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Lita and Matt were together on and off screen. She cheated with Edge. Hardy couldnt handle it, but Edge was so much hotter that WWE fired Matt instead of Edge.

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Leda (HaiLedaBear) & Matt (MattG124) Interview with Rock Forever Magazine