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Dating mirror of aphrodite. Hermaphroditus was the ancient greek god of hermaphrodites and of effeminates he was numbered amongst the winged love-​gods.

A: Fragment with two image fields separated by a horizontal line. In the upper field: frontal view of quadriga with two horses in profile on each side only the hindlegs remaining of the pair on the left side. Human figure standing as if above the chariot on the right side, wearing shoes and a chlamys thrown over the shoulder: legs to front, in the left hand a globe, right hand now lost originally holding a rod.

On his right side a tiny human figure with his left hand raised in greeting. In all probability a second figure was also represented above the horses on the left. In the lower field: reclining male and female figures turning towards each other, both on the back of crocodiles, wearing long garments, upper body nude. The male figure the Nile-god, on the left is long-haired, bearded and wears a crown, the female figure Euthenia, on the right wears a headband, and a crown. Both figures hold a cornucopia in one hand, in the other outstretched hand the man holds a leafy branch, the woman a cup.

In the free field around them: sixteen tiny figures holding staves or lifting their arms in greeting Erotes. B: Rest of a standing female figure, to front Aphrodite , wearing a long mantle around the hips, upper body nude.

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Otago Museum is open in Level 2. While “sexiness” can be signalled in a variety of ways in different cultures, many, in both east and west, would regard the nude, both female and male, as naturally “sexy”, and so it has been used in art throughout the ages and in many societies. But in ancient Greece it seems to have taken a special artist to break the social conventions and taboos of his time and portray the goddess of sex herself, Aphrodite, as a fully naked female.

In ancient Greek culture, female nudity in public was an absolute no-no. This contrasts with the situation for men, whose activities could encourage or require less clothing or even nudity, such as sweaty work on the farm or in a foundry, or the quintessential male activities of athletics or warfare. Before about BC, Greek artists had certainly represented nude females, but only in contexts where the narrative made it essential, and then often in scenes of or implying violence, such as rape a term that in Greek art refers to the act of a man physically abducting a woman, not the act of sex itself, as we think of it nowadays.

Marcel The mirror represents Aphrodite because it symbol’s and refers to the planet he really did intend to be friends only at that time and he’s dating around​.

Reproduction patinated by hand on black marble base. Mold made from an imprint of the original work. This figure represents a standing woman with arms flattened against an extremely long and flat body. Only the breasts, buttocks and knees project. She wears a tunic barely indicated by a small fold Read more. She wears a tunic barely indicated by a small fold flaring slightly above the laced ankle boots with curved toes.

These typically Etruscan shoes are called “Calcei repandi”. The very smooth and linear body contrasts with the much more detailed head. Framed by a squared diadem, her hair, gathered at the nape of her neck, falls in finely chiselled waves which hide the ears. The regular features of the face are similar to classic Greek models and therefore make it possible to date this work to the 4th century BC.

This figure was found, among many votive offerings, in , in a sanctuary dedicated to Diana near the Lake of Nemi, in Central Italy.

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Read more about our cookie policy Accept and close the cookie policy. Aphrodite Also known as Aphrodite primary name: Aphrodite. Details individual; Egyptian; Female. Other dates circa. Biography Name recorded on a cartonnage mask of the Roman period. Production date 19thC 18thC – 20thC. Production place Original from: Olympia. Production date BC BC. Production place Original from: Hephaisteion.

The Ancient Way of Life — ~Aphrodite with a Mirror. Place: Ancient Egypt…

Based on ancient Greece, he developed this classic bathroom collection, consisting of strict base forms and ornamental designs. The elegant design of the line follows the structure of an modern ionic column: The impressive, circular base bears a pillar, with a fluted design which closes with a snail shaped decoration. The stylish form language is present throughout the entire range for washbasin, bathtub, shower and bidet taps, and the wide range of accessories: body, handle and rosette all pick up on the form of a pillar.

Exclusive, hand-worked finishes add the final, harmonious touch to an extraordinary bathroom design.

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Art Deco Mirror Attributed to Poillerat. Home Furniture Mirrors Wall Mirrors. Want more images or videos? Contact Seller. About A fabulous find, this round mirror surmounted by the head of Aphrodite — the Greek goddess of love and beauty — is framed by a remarkable series of curving and twisted elements in nickeled or gold-patinated bronze, embellished in turn by foliate elements, again in bronze.

Made in France, probably in the s, the sophisticated design of this mirror reflects the influence of Gilbert Poillerat and other great metalworkers in the late Art Deco period. Details Dimensions. Height: 16 in.

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Aphrodite facts, information and stories from ancient Greek mythology. Learn about the Greek goddess of love, beauty and eternal youth.

Eremin, January Technical Observations: The patina is a mottled green with dark brown and tan areas; it also has cuprite accretions. Some rusty reddish accretions are present on the mottled green base. The base and the statuette are both in good structural condition. The surface is somewhat deformed by the corrosion products. The figure was cast in one piece. The base was cast separately and is attached to the figure by means of a modern threaded brass pin and nut that is inserted into the right foot.

The figure was finely modeled in the wax stage, and certain details, like the fingers and mirror handle, would have been modeled directly in the wax. The pupils are defined by a small hole, and the eyes do not appear to have been silvered. There are no identifiable tool marks on the surface of the figure. X-radiographs show that its torso and upper thighs are hollow.

Aphrodite – Ancient classic in the bathroom

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S2-Aphrodite goddess. Karystos, Greece. Entire villa. hosted by Giorgos. Learn more about the Select check-in date. Add your travel dates for exact pricing.

Aphrodite is the Olympian Goddess of love and beauty. She offers boons to Zagreus that inflict her signature Status Curse, Weak, or make enemies more susceptible to damage. Aphrodite boons not only increase your damage, but also your survivability, making enemy attacks less effective as you fight them. Aphrodite also offers boons which increase the effectiveness of her Status Curse itself, such as Empty Inside which increases the effect’s duration.

Aphrodite is one of three Olympian gods the other two being Artemis and Zeus who will not appear in the very first run of a save. If given Nectar , Aphrodite will give you the Eternal Rose.

Rhys Bloodjoy – Aphrodite’s Mirror